The Povich Press is a publication produced by campers at the 2016 Shirley Povich Sports Journalism Camp. Each camper will write about a topic of their choosing, and they will present the site on the last day of camp. The campers will have the opportunity to write game stories, features and columns about any topic in sports they might have interest in. The Sports Journalism camp is split into four groups of campers.

The Povich Press is produced by the group led by Michael Stern. Contributors to the Povich Press are:

  • Lia Assimakopoulos
  • Henry Brown
  • Cori Davis
  • Michael Gross
  • Kemara Jones
  • John Ourand
  • Samuel Ramsey-Lucas
  • Liam Roy
  • Jeremy Schooler
  • Joe Skinner
  • Corey Spector
  • Kris Tynes
  • Bobby Whiteside