Men’s vs Women’s Lacrosse

Kemara Jones



Women’s Lacrosse and Men’s Lacrosse have multiple differences. These differences include the ruling and the contact.

For example, in men’s lacrosse they allow checking which means the male players have more contact with each other rather than the females. But, in women’s lacrosse if you check their stick it’s considered a penalty

For example in women’s lacrosse, like in hockey you will get penalized for the power play that you just played.

It’s dangerous, because women do not wear as much gear as the men. The women wear a pair of goggles, mouth guard and a stick. Meanwhile the female goalie wears a helmet and protective padding.

On the other hand, in men’s lacrosse, players wear helmets, mouth guards; shoulder pads elbow pads, and gloves.

Another difference is the sticks. There sticks are slightly different because the males have a deeper pocket than the females so it’s easier for the males to cradle.

But in the female’s game it’s harder to. Women’s sticks don’t have as deep of a pocket; this means it’s harder for the females to cradle and pick up ground balls. Without cradling or picking up ground balls the game becomes much more difficult.

The girls have to hold onto you stick a bit harder than the males since they have a smaller pocket so it makes it harder for them to cradle but easier for the males.

That is also why the males have more gear because since their pockets are deeper it won’t be that easy for them to lose the ball.

Last but not least lacrosse has a difference in the playing field because there are 12 players on the field, for women. The men have 10 players on the field.

This is what leads to the game play; the males start off with a face off fighting for control of the ball. While the females begins with a draw and the ball goes in the air and we have to catch the ball or pick it up as a ground ball.



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